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Opening Times

Postby tenbears » Wed Apr 19, 2017 7:50 pm

Not sure where to ask this but I'll try here. Years ago I came to the land of trolls (the L.P.) to this area and have enjoyed fishing here in between northward longer trips. You could buy minnows any time night or day so you could be on the water at your preferred time. Not so anymore. Buying minnows at 7:00 OR 7:30 AM does not help most fishing trips, and don't get me started on winter hours and ice fishing. Trying to keep minnows alive overnight for an early next day trip is a losing endeavor. Best choice is to quick freeze them if you plan on shooting up to Lake St. Clair. I would much prefer using live minnows.
Have you ever thought about staying open around the clock for one day a month (in the middle of the week) as a test? Fishermen can plan trips for that day if they know in advance. I'm sure some would come in and buy something even in bad weather if just to keep the idea alive, I know I would. Maybe you could pick even just one weekday this summer. See how many would take that weekday off work to take the kids fishing. Just a thought.......

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Re: Opening Times

Postby Probait » Wed Apr 26, 2017 8:37 am

Over the years I have tried about everything you are talking about. It does take more than minnow sales to keep the doors open. I have come up with being open till 9pm during the season helps more people then being open at 5am. I have tried many times. The stores on Lake St Clair have a better success with opening at 4 am and closing at 6pm. We are open 12 to 15 hours a day which is about all I can do. If you think you have it tough trying living in Port Sanilac and driving 45 minutes to the nearest bait store , I feel for those guys every year. --Joel

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Re: Opening Times

Postby Laney Anne » Thu Apr 27, 2017 12:25 pm

A great response to a good post!

For what its worth as a teen I worked at Roy's Boat Harbor on the Clinton River and we were a premiere stop for live bait! Our hours were ALWAYS 6am to 10pm and there were two different shifts to do that. Father/Son owned so the father worked the early shift and the son worked the second shift til close and us dockhands/gas & poop pumpers mostly just worked afternoons til close during the week. Weekends there was a dockhand on at 6am to help with the influx of fishermen/bait sales and boat rentals.

I feel like if you are going to be open 12 hours a day than 7 to 7 is very acceptable. Probably 6am to 7pm are the best ours any fisherman could ask for but as a store owner I am sure your 12 - 14 hour days get old quick. Anyone who is planning to leave the dock outside of those hours should simply invest in a good minnow livewell or bait bucket system. I have one that works great and was less than 100 bucks!

My 2 cents :D

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