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Postby RJP » Fri Oct 06, 2017 8:35 pm

Fished Lexington harbor in Sunday, 10/1. Two guys throwing spoons, cranks and still fishing minnows for several hours. Only managed a few perch, one being a giant.
A few atlantics were porposing. However, we could not get a strike. Same as last year.
Man, I miss the good old days! Had so many great times fishing that harbor in the fall.
When they stopped planting kings I was bummed, but I understood. Now I just wish they'd dump 10k in there each year. Just enough to get a small return and give the big water guys a chance at an occasional surprise. Maybe some day.

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Re: Atlantics

Postby Pesky » Sat Oct 14, 2017 3:55 am

Don't worry lake Huron has come full circle fact is lakes loaded with bait kings from lake Michigan showing up in all the rivers along lake Huron more and more. They can't deny it any longer. Alewive are also returning which could be bad news for Saginaw bay walleye hope not . North end of the lake had great year on kings there alewive barrier is falling . Cold winter might knock them back high water has improved forage for bait fish no one seen that coming maybe that was problem all along . Personally I like the way things are now but I understand it be great for the economy which way important then my personal feelings. I'd like to see coho that rumors say might be coming . Bring are Brown's back stop feed the small mouth down river. I think kings would are doing fine eating smelt and bloaters and they surely taste better. Caught some kings from lake Michigan last summer yuke even the steelhead had that alewive flavor . My dad said the boat ramp was full at north end of the lake hasn't seen that in over ten years people had that salmon fever your talking about
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