Bakersfield / cut though canal

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Bakersfield / cut though canal

Postby whalen » Mon Sep 04, 2017 12:24 am

I'm looking for info about fishing that part of the Black river. What time of year do they open and close it? I've shore fished it in the past, parked at Burger King did the under the bridge spot, got a few small walleyes and smallmouth bass. I've Been there at night and seen some guys with laterns and heavy gear fishing the cut though for salmon? i heard theres a car in there, 300lb catfish you name it. I whent there with a buddy today by boat and we picked up a lot of huge fish on the finder in the current/ clearer water, 2foot from bottom and 2 foot from top. We tried drifting crawlers with split shots, it's what got me eyes there in the past. big sinkers, no sinkers, trolling both minnow and fire tiger cranks and could not get them to bite. Did not have live minnows, seen tons of bait fish, i.e.minnows. I was thinking they were giant channel cats but the crawlers should have got some bites? Does anybody know what lurks down there? there seems to be a lot of fish in the area, but not a lot of bites. I did get a nice stripped/ silver bass on spinner close to shore, the were nailing schools of minnows. always been curious about the spot, cool clear water from lake, good flow, should be a prime spot. But never seems to produce many fish. i know it gets heavy shore fishing pressure. Any tips and/or local folklore would be appreciated.

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Re: Bakersfield / cut though canal

Postby Probait » Sat Sep 09, 2017 2:46 pm

Hi Whalen,
The canal has a large metal gate that gets closed late Fall and reopens Early spring as a way for excess water to go out of the Canal during ice-out. While there isn't any cars or 300lb catfish in the canal, there are some old shopping carts and 5lb+ Smallmouth Bass. The large fish you may have been marking/seeing were most likely carp. The best baits I've found for the Canal are white crankbaits, tubes, or large minnows. The Summer months are the best for bass while the spring and fall may hold a few steelhead.
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