Trolling the St Clair River

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Trolling the St Clair River

Postby FishingFrenzy » Mon Apr 17, 2017 12:08 pm

Hi Everyone
Just wondering if anyone still trolls the St Clair river for salmon/steelies? Years ago everyone was doing it but you rarely see it these days. If so are you mostly using downriggers or are dipseys and leadcore productive as well? Also are you having any repeated success or is it mostly hit and miss?

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Re: Trolling the St Clair River

Postby Laney Anne » Mon Jun 05, 2017 12:46 pm

My apologies FF... just flipping through and noticed that you didn't get a response to your very first post ever as a member here :(

So that you don't get a sour taste in your mouth because of this... I will see if I can formulate a coherent thought on your post! :lol: And I will also tell you that there are some great guys on this site with a ton of fishing knowledge (I am not one of those guys, but may have one or two fooled!) and encourage you to continue asking questions and visiting the forum. You should check out the store as well, its nice and there is a lot of cool stuff to spend your hard earned money on!

Trolling the river, for me has been pretty much miss or miss! I have caught more salmon and steel in the St. Clair accidentally while jiggin' for walleye than I ever have when targeting them. However, I continue to do it because it is right out my back door and I have actually seen Browns, Steelies, and two Kings swim into and back out of my boathouse as if to laugh at me... so I know they exist!

I believe your best chances come off of the downriggers, trolling with the current. I have fished up near the bridge and on some advice from one of those guys who knows what he is doing (Ahem,Turfwrench) tried trolling against the current but it was just too tough. Enough RPM's to beat the current and your dipsies were peeling and rigger releases were popping. I would only recommend a leadcore layout if going upstream. So, when going downstream just keep the DR balls a few feet above the bottom and cover the rest of the water column with your dipsies. If you have room in your spread throw some lead out wide on boards.

That's about all I got...good luck to you if you go. I think you are better off saving the river for early spring and late fall. And keep the faith brother, you can't catch 'em if you ain't tryin"!! :D

PS - Always keep an eye out for the freighters! Monitor Channel 11 and a great phone app is called "Marine Traffic" ... I utilize both all the time!

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Re: Trolling the St Clair River

Postby FishingFrenzy » Thu Jul 27, 2017 9:06 am

Thank you for the reply and sorry for my late response (I kinda gave up on checking for any responses). I spent years running DR in the river and caught a couple of nice Kings over the years but anymore I get more pike and small musky that salmon or steelies. I was just wondering if it was just me or if everyone else is on the same page. Just curious but if anyone has had success in the river off any flasher flay combos Id love to hear about it!
Thanks Again

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